Film Work

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Through a Glass, Darkly (2015) was produced by The Dover Independent Players, the production and theatre company Devon and director JJ Blake formed in 2013. Devon played Kate, the level-headed older sister of rebellious Julia. The film was shot over the course of two days in the summer of 2015 and has gone on to play at various festivals throughout the years.

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MASH (2014) is a student film written by Emma Asher and directed by Wesley Cannon. It is produced by the Dover Independent Players and highlights the overwhelming desire for the future high school seniors tend to feel. It was filmed in 2014 but was not released until 2017, which gives the topic of The Future a much different feeling for everyone involved. Not only did Devon act in it, but she edited the film and co-wrote the short film's theme song "Look to Me".

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Last Caress (2018) is a thesis film written and directed by Patrick Taillon at Keene University. Devon plays a small but impactful role in the film as Rose, a victim of kidnapping who ends up mixed into the lead character's chaotic world by sheer chance. Things don't end on a very hopeful note for the character...